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Scaffolding Services

We have both the older style Tube and Fitting Scaffolding and new Ring-lock System Scaffolding.

While Tube and Fitting Scaffolding can take a little longer to use it is more suited to more difficult jobs, like steeper sections and architectural homes. Ring-lock Scaffolding goes up and comes down quicker, keeping prices down and allowing the project to keep moving in a timely fashion.

Queenstown Scaffolding
Queenstown Scaffolding

Edge Protection

Law requires that all roofing jobs have scaffolding or edge protection. For some jobs it is possible to only have an access and handrail, making the job quicker and cheaper while still ensuring that safety is paramount.

Access Solutions

Queenstown Scaffolding can provide ladders, stairs and ramps to provide safe access solutions to fit your needs. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your project requirements.

Queenstown Scaffolding